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Appian Way Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency that puts Small Businesses first.

Hey, I'm Peter! I am a digital marketing consultant and an experienced member of the Appian Way Marketing team. My goal is to make partnerships with my clients, to learn all I can about their hopes and dreams and to be the expediter of those dreams. I provide the vehicle that brings clients to your door.
How do I do this? I specialize in digital lead generation, split-ad testing, CPC (Cost per Click) reduction and lead : expenditure maximization. This is done by identifying the most suitable method and implementing Facebook Ad, Google Ad and LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies into our client’s business on their behalf, providing them with sales and business development opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.
The service I provide also includes online customer acquisition training and support, ad re-targeting, service promotion advice and much more.
On a more personal note, my goal is to help people get to where they want to be in their personal life, in their family life, in their home, holiday and leisure life.


Why We Are Different
Our business model has been developed with the Local Business Owner in the forefront of our thinking. We understand that not all business owners have hundreds or thousands of $$ to invest in getting started with professional marketing. Therefore, we offer a completely free trial of our services before asking for any fees or charges. 

This gives you an opportunity to see the results you will see when you work with us ... all with 0 risk to you.

To show you what we can do at 0 risk

We offer a 14-day marketing campaign trial 

We offer a free trial of our services to all new customers,

We are so confident of the effectiveness and value of our service that we will give you a 14 day trial period absolutely free.

This includes:
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  •  We will connect you to new and repeating customers/clients
  •   We will efficiently get your business in front of the right people 
  •  We are not overpromising bullsh!tters  
  •   Your wins are our wins 
  •   We follow the cutting edge of trends and technology
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